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tragic 비극적인
be snatched by ~에게 잡아 채이다
distraught (감정으로 인해) 제정신이 아닌
intact 온전한, 훼손되지 않은
wade (물 속을) 걷다
drag 끌다
pry open 비집어 열다
dispatch 파견하다
scour 찾아 다니다
lagoon 인공호수 (syn, manmade lake)
sonar 수중탐지기
separate A from B A와 B를 분리하다
canal 수로
pose a threat 위협이 되다
[CNN] Divers Find Body of Toddler Snatched by Alligator at Disney Resor...
[CNN] 디즈니 리조트에서 악어에게 물려 간 아이, 잠수부들이 찾아 내

Softball Player Leaps Ove...
캐처를 뛰어넘은 소프트볼 선수

AZUZ: Time for some multiple choice, y`all. Softball game: Army West Point versus Lehigh University. Army sent a runner from third on a base hit, but the throw from Lehigh beat her to the plate. What happens next? The runner blasts into ...
China: Bank employees publicly spanked for poor performance
중국: 낮은 실적 때문에 공개적으로 체벌을 받은 은행 직원들
Beijing (CNN) Eight employees of a rural bank in China have been publicly spanked(공개적으로 매질을 당했다) for poor performance. A cellphone video of a man with a wooden stick spanking each employee four times on a stage has been widely shared on Weibo...

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