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score 득점하다
time and again 되풀이해서
popularity 인기
surge 급속히 올라가다
empty 텅 빈
talented 재능 있는
raise the bar 수준을 높이다
top league 최고 리그
spend one’s prime ~의 전성기를 보내다
payday 급여 지급일
newfound 최근에 눈에 띄는
[CNN] The Rise Of The Chinese Super League
[CNN] 중국 슈퍼리그의 인기 상승

Breathtaking View Of the ...
경이로운 북극광

AZUZ: Scientifically speaking, it happens when electrically charged electrons and protons in the earth magnetic field collide with neutral items in the upper atmosphere, producing a luminous phenomenon in high latitudes. You can just call i...
6 things to know about the gender pay gap
남녀 임금차이에 대해 알아야 할 6가지
Equal Pay Day is April 12 this year. It symbolically marks how long into the new year full-time working women(정규직 여직원) need to work until their earnings can catch up(따라잡다) to what full-time working men earned the year before. Here are...

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