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senior 졸업반
top-tier school 일류 학교
previously 이전에
rock star 인기스타
glass ceiling 유리 천장, 여성의 한계로 막혀 있는 진출 영역
jaw 아래턱
pursue 추구하다
bonding 유대, 결합
be inspired by ~에 의해 고취되다
[CNN] First Woman to Earn a College Football Scholarship
[CNN] 대학 미식축구 장학금을 받은 첫 여성

Walking with 110 mph Winds
시속 11마일 속에서 걸어가기

AZUZ: Well, if you've been signed up for our daily email, you would have received a note last night detailing what's in today's show. If you like to sign up and we hope you will, head to CNN.com/CNN10, and under the "Keep in Touch" banner, ...
Park Geun-hye: Downfall of South Korea's political princess
박근혜, 대한민국 정치계 공주의 몰락
Seoul (CNN) Park Geun-hye's story is South Korea's history (박근혜의 이야기는 한국의 역사이다). The first South Korean president to be impeached(한국의 첫 탄핵 대통령), Park spent both her youth and later years in the Blue House. A life in the spotlight rich ...

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