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side by side 나란히
overcome 극복하다
deployment 파견
rotational 순환하는 (cf. rotation 순환)
build up 고조, 형성
deadlock 교착상태
confrontation 대치상태
in nature 사실상, 현실적으로
shore up 강화하다
flank 측면
escalatory 규모가 확대되는
retch 토하게 하다
tension 긴장감
[CNN] US Troops Deployment to Poland
[CNN] 미군, 폴란드 파병

Football Practice into th...
미래의 축구 훈련

AZUZ: OK. There`s the cutting edge and huge training device out there that a couple of global soccer teams are using to get an edge. It shots out a ball like a batting cage, and the player in the middle of the room has to field it and then ...
China smog: Red alerts shut down factories, schools
중국 스모그: 적색경보로 공장 및 학교 폐쇄
(CNN) A dangerous gray haze (위험한 회색 연무) descended on Northeast China over the weekend, choking off (숨막히게 하는) schools, flights and industry and endangering citizens simply trying to breathe, according to local reports. China saw the smo...

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