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share 주식
soar 치솟다
salvage (자존심이나 평판 따위를) 지키다
renewal 갱신
on the heels of ~의 뒤에
controversy 논란
aspiration 포부
confidence 자신감
competitive 경쟁력 있는
[CNN] U.S. Speedskating Extends Contract with Under Armour
[CNN] 미국 스피드스케이팅 협회, 언더 아모와 계약 연장

CNN Wire란?
YBM과 CNN이 전략적 파트너쉽을 토대로 전문 뉴스와 학습을 결합하여 제작한 새로운 콘텐츠 서비스 !
Julia Ernst, Female Wrestler
여자 레슬링 선수, 줄리아 언스트

March is women`s history month in the U.S. Congress designated this in 1987, and it honors the accomplishments of women and how they`ve changed the country. Good report to kick off this month is about Julia Ernst. You won`t find her in hist...
2 weeks in, no sign of Malaysian airliner -- intense search off Australia turns up zero
2주가 지나도 찾아지지 않는 말레이시아 항공기, 호주 주변의 강도 높은 수색에도 발견된 것은 전혀 없어
(CNN) -- Two weeks. Two gut-wrenching(고통스러운), frustrating, mysterious weeks. That's how long it's been since 227 passengers and 12 crew members boarded Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, destined for Beijing. A routine trip, it seemed, to catch up...

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