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skeptic 비관적인
melt away 녹아내리다
Arctic 북극 (syn. North Pole)
Antarctic 남극
massive 큰, 상당한
plunge into the water 물에 빠지다
depletion 감소, 고갈
devastating 충격적인
trajectory 궤적, 나갈 방향
descend 하강하다
[CNN] Arctic and Antarctic Undergoing Rapid Ice Melt
[CNN] 북극과 남극의 빙하, 빠른 속도로 녹아 내려

Catastrophe in the Syrian...
시리아 도시 알레포의 재앙 - 2부

Reporter: We`ve been talking to people in rebel-held east Aleppo who say they feel as if the international community has forgotten them and they also feel the Syrian regime supported by that Russian flotilla just off the Syrian coast is tim...
Mark Zuckerberg: The idea that fake news influenced the election is 'crazy
마크 저커버그: 가짜 뉴스가 선거에 영향을 주었다는 주장은 말이 안 된다고 말해
If you've found yourself blaming social media for electing Donald Trump (소셜 미디어로 인해 도널드 트럼프가 당선되었다고 비난하다), you're wrong. So says Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who was emphatic (단호한) that his company was not responsible for influenci...

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