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hip 유행을 잘 아는
couch potato (움직이지 않고) 앉아만 있는
pop up 갑자기 나타나다
flick (손가락 등으로) 퉁기다
revolutionize 혁신하다
hit by cars 차에 치이다
fall in a pond 연못에 빠지다
father to-be 예비 아빠
Holocaust Museum (나치 수용소에서 학살당한 희생자들을 기리는) 홀로코스트 박물관
[CNN] Pokemon Go Hysteria
[CNN] 포켓몬 열풍

Violin 3D printed By High...
고교생이 3D 프린터로 만든 바이올린

AZUZ: What is purple, plastic, made by a 3D printer and can totally rock a Mozart concerto? Well, here you go. Now, to be fair this is not a Stradivarius. The girl playing it says it has a more muted sound than a wooden violin and that th...
China: Bank employees publicly spanked for poor performance
중국: 낮은 실적 때문에 공개적으로 체벌을 받은 은행 직원들
Beijing (CNN) Eight employees of a rural bank in China have been publicly spanked(공개적으로 매질을 당했다) for poor performance. A cellphone video of a man with a wooden stick spanking each employee four times on a stage has been widely shared on Weibo...

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