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 [2018-08-17] 조회수 : 1562
Thousands of Criminals Found Driving for Uber
When Colorado's Public Safety commissioner heard about a man who was a……
 [2018-08-16] 조회수 : 1038
World's Top Surfers Creating New Waves
Surfers like they start their days early, but here it makes no differe……
 [2018-08-14] 조회수 : 1869
Man Hanging on for Dear Life
Not only did this guy cling to a car hood for 19 miles, he managed to ……
 [2018-08-13] 조회수 : 1188
Get Ready for Higher Gas Prices and Mortgages Rates
For nearly a decade, Americans have benefited from a magical trio: che……
 [2018-08-10] 조회수 : 2137
Etiquette Rules for Meeting the Queen
Meeting the Queen can be intimidating even for the most experienced of……
 [2018-08-09] 조회수 : 1370
Who Is Accused Russian Spy Maria Butina?
“I'm visiting from Russia. My question will be about foreign politics.……
 [2018-08-08] 조회수 : 1320
Cristiano Ronaldo Leaves Real Madrid to Sign with Juventus
Welcome back. After nine years at Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo is hea……
 [2018-08-07] 조회수 : 1295
Trump Again Labels Himself a Stable Genius
The return of the stable genius, oh, yes he did. “Will you be tweeti……
 [2018-08-06] 조회수 : 1408
U.S. Farmers Impacted by Trade War
As the sun peeks over the Wasatch Mountains in West Weaver, Utah, Ron ……
 [2018-08-03] 조회수 : 3260
Trump's Aides Pursed Their Lips and Glanced Away
“Germany is totally controlled by Russia.“ The President's scathing c……
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