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 [2018-07-19] 조회수 : 1547
Trump's Travel Ban Is Upheld by Supreme Court
The Supreme Court has reversed the 9th Circuit. What that means is tha……
 [2018-07-18] 조회수 : 1510
Rebounding Is Good Exercise
“Come on, pick it up, pick it up.” “Rebounding is the fitness term fo……
 [2018-07-17] 조회수 : 1517
Cher Avoids Trump Question, Eats Cow Tongue
When it comes to how Cher feels about President Trump -- she has been ……
 [2018-07-16] 조회수 : 1749
JCPenney Is in Serious Trouble
JCPenney is in serious trouble. The company was once one of America`s ……
 [2018-07-13] 조회수 : 2304
Israeli PM's Wife Charged with Fraud
The wife of the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has been c……
 [2018-07-12] 조회수 : 1470
Harley-Davidson Decides to Move Some Production out of US
Welcome back. The impact of the president's trade war evident today on……
 [2018-07-11] 조회수 : 1395
Hosts Russia Dreaming of World Cup Success
“Russia!” It’s not often that you see Russians this emotional, but th……
 [2018-07-10] 조회수 : 1536
Eminem Fans Scared by Sound Effects
Hip-hop music star Eminem is getting backlash from some festival goers……
 [2018-07-09] 조회수 : 1851
Supreme Court's Internet Sales Tax Decision
Breaking news, out of the Supreme Court. They just issued a ruling on ……
 [2018-07-06] 조회수 : 2524
IQ Scores Dropped for Decades
I.Q. scores have been declining steadily for decades and a new study s……
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