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 [2018-08-14] 조회수 : 1869
Man Hanging on for Dear Life
Not only did this guy cling to a car hood for 19 miles, he managed to ……
 [2018-08-07] 조회수 : 1295
Trump Again Labels Himself a Stable Genius
The return of the stable genius, oh, yes he did. “Will you be tweeti……
 [2018-07-31] 조회수 : 1283
Britain Greets Donald Trump with Green Day's “American Idiot”
It's not nice to suggest that the president of the United States is an……
 [2018-07-24] 조회수 : 1374
Patriotism Is Dropping in America
Is once exploding American patriotism starting to fizzle? Would you ca……
 [2018-07-17] 조회수 : 1517
Cher Avoids Trump Question, Eats Cow Tongue
When it comes to how Cher feels about President Trump -- she has been ……
 [2018-07-10] 조회수 : 1536
Eminem Fans Scared by Sound Effects
Hip-hop music star Eminem is getting backlash from some festival goers……
 [2018-07-03] 조회수 : 1675
Trump's Saluting on North Korean General
President Trump seems to love to salute. He gave Canadian Mounties two……
 [2018-06-26] 조회수 : 1919
Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain Dead at 61
For Anthony Bourdain, the recipe for understanding people, understandi……
 [2018-06-19] 조회수 : 1632
Miss America Ends Swimsuit Competition
Miss America will still be there, but this won't. Say so long to the s……
 [2018-06-14] 조회수 : 1528
Harvey Weinstein Surrenders to NYPD on Sexual Assault Charges
Hollywood mega producer, Harvey Weinstein, in handcuffs, walking into ……
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