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 Analysis: Why gun controls are off the agenda in America
분석: 미국에서 총기 규제에 대한 이야기를 하지 않는 이유
[2012-08-06]   조회수 : 1488
(CNN) -- What is it about Americans and guns? How much time do you have? "I can tell you that I don't think there's any other developed country in the world that has remotely the problem we have(……
 Why Asians want to move to the U.S.
아시아인들이 미국으로 몰려오는 이유
[2012-07-30]   조회수 : 1369
Hong Kong (CNN) -- Aspiring(출세지향적인) Hong Kong musician Annabelle Cheng wants to be in America. "I think (Hong Kong) is a city that can be defined by business," said Cheng, who recently graduat……
 South Korea says it may resume whaling, prompting outcry
한국의 고래잡이 재개 고려, 즉각적인 반발을 불러 일으켜
[2012-07-23]   조회수 : 1213
Seoul, South Korea (CNN) -- South Korea is considering hunting whales(고래잡이) in the waters off its shores for what it says are scientific purposes(과학적 목적), drawing criticism from ……
 Protests as Chinese president visits Hong Kong for handoff anniversary
중국 주석의 홍콩 반환 기념식 참가에 항의시위를 벌인 홍콩
[2012-07-16]   조회수 : 1103
Hong Kong (CNN) -- Hong Kong protesters(시위 참가자) took to the streets Sunday as Chinese President Hu Jintao visited the former British colony(영국 식민지) to mark the 15th anniversa……
 Saudi Arabia to let women compete in Olympics for first time
사우디 아라비아, 올림픽에 사상 처음 여자선수 파견
[2012-07-09]   조회수 : 1276
(CNN) -- Saudi Arabia will let its female athletes(여자 운동선수) compete in the Olympics for the first time, its embassy(대사관) in London said. Until now, Saudi Arabia was one of three countri……
 Guerrilla marketing: Bendtner's 'underpants' ambush UEFA at Euro 2012
게릴라 마케팅: 유로 2012에서 UEFA도 몰랐던 벤트너의 속옷을 이용한 광고
[2012-07-02]   조회수 : 1246
(CNN) -- UEFA's decision to fine(벌금을 부과하다) Denmark striker Nicklas Bendtner for revealing a sponsor's name(광고주의 이름을 드러내다) on his underpants(속옷) during a Euro 2012 game may have
 WHO: Diesel exhaust can cause cancer
WHO 발표, 디젤 배기가스가 암을 유발할 수 있다
[2012-06-25]   조회수 : 1119
(CNN) -- Exhaust(배기가스) from diesel engines can cause cancer(암을 일으키다), a prominent(권위 있는) global cancer group that's part of the World Health Organization said Tuesday. While the ……
 Muslims in America, it's time to demand justice
미국에서 이슬람교도로 살아가기: 정의 실현을 요구해야 할 시점
[2012-06-18]   조회수 : 1107
(CNN) -- I am an American Muslim. When I was growing up in a small town in upstate(주의 북쪽에 있는) New York, the America I lived in cherished diversity(다양성의 소중함) and the freedom to worship……
 Are these shorts too short? Foreigners told to cover up in UAE
이런 반바지도 너무 짧나? 외국인들도 아랍에미리트에서는 더 긴 옷을 입어야
[2012-06-11]   조회수 : 1298
Abu Dhabi (CNN) -- At 23, Asma Al Muhairi has never considered herself a social activist(사회 운동가). But a shopping trip to a Dubai mall left her so irate(성난, 격분한) that she started a campaign a……
 Priscilla Chan: New doctor turned Mrs. Zuckerberg
프리실라 챈, 주커버그 부인이 된 새내기 의사
[2012-06-04]   조회수 : 1253
(CNN) -- She likes Target(타겟, 미국의 대형 슈퍼마켓), the Food Network(푸드 네트워크, 요리전문 케이블 채널) and sun-dried tomatoes. She loves taking pictures of her dog Beast, and admits to checking her phone "every fi……
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