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 Mark Zuckerberg: The idea that fake news influenced the election is 'crazy
마크 저커버그: 가짜 뉴스가 선거에 영향을 주었다는 주장은 말이 안 된다고 말해
[2016-12-01]   조회수 : 1770
If you've found yourself blaming social media for electing Donald Trump (소셜 미디어로 인해 도널드 트럼프가 당선되었다고 비난하다), you're wrong. So says Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who was emphatic (단호한) tha……
 Bob Dylan wins 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature
밥 딜런, 2016년 노벨 문학상 수상
[2016-11-01]   조회수 : 1456
(CNN) The 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature has been awarded to American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan, for "having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition(훌륭한 미국 음악의 전통에……
 Burkini ban: Australian Muslim forced off French beach in swimwear row
부르키니 착용 금지: 호주 이슬람 여성, 프랑스 해변에서 강제 퇴거 당해
[2016-10-01]   조회수 : 1361
(CNN) An Australian medical student says she and her mother were forced to leave a beach(강제로 해변에서 퇴거되다) on the French Riviera after locals took exception to their burkinis. Zeynab Alshelh told……
 Prince's death and the growing fear of the 'kill pill'
프린스의 죽음과 죽음을 부르는 진통제로 인한 증폭되는 두려움
[2016-09-01]   조회수 : 1583
(CNN) They might as well be playing Russian Roulette(이것은 마치 러시안 룰렛 게임을 하는 것과 같습니다). It doesn't matter if you're talking about a teenager chasing a higher high or a mega star trying to sooth……
 Failed coup in Turkey: What you need to know
터키 쿠데타 시도 실패: 알아야 할 내용
[2016-08-01]   조회수 : 1373
(CNN) If you're not up on the latest events in Turkey, here's a brief explainer about the coup attempt and what brought it about. What exactly happened? Late Friday, <……
 China: Bank employees publicly spanked for poor performance
중국: 낮은 실적 때문에 공개적으로 체벌을 받은 은행 직원들
[2016-07-01]   조회수 : 1562
Beijing (CNN) Eight employees of a rural bank in China have been publicly spanked(공개적으로 매질을 당했다) for poor performance. A cellphone video of a man with a wooden stick spanking each employee fou……
 Obama in Hiroshima Calls for 'World Without Nuclear Weapons'
히로시마 방문한 오바마 대통령, 핵 없는 세상이 되기를 요청해
[2016-06-01]   조회수 : 1375
Hiroshima (CNN) Barack Obama on Friday became the first sitting U.S. president to visit Hiroshima, where he called for a "world without nuclear weapons(핵 없는 세상)" during his remarks at the city'……
 6 things to know about the gender pay gap
남녀 임금차이에 대해 알아야 할 6가지
[2016-05-01]   조회수 : 2096
Equal Pay Day is April 12 this year. It symbolically marks how long into the new year full-time working women(정규직 여직원) need to work until their earnings can catch up(따라잡다) to what full-……
 What would a President Trump mean for the world?
도널드 트럼프가 대통령이 되면 세상은 어떻게 될 것인가?
[2016-04-01]   조회수 : 1873
(CNN) It's hardly a certainty, but it's now a real and startling possibility (깜짝 놀라게 하는 가능성) -- what should the world expect if Donald Trump is elected U.S. president (도널드 트럼프가 미국 대통령으로 선출된다……
 Future Chinese skylines could look more uniform
미래 중국의 스카이라인은 좀더 비슷한 형태가 될 듯
[2016-03-01]   조회수 : 1343
Beijing (CNN) Chinese architecture will now officially be less weird (공식적으로 덜 기괴해지다). A statement from China's State Council Sunday, says new guidelines on urban planning (도시 계획) will <……
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