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 Man Dies in Taiwan after 3-Day Online Gaming Binge
타이완, 3일 동안 계속 온라인 게임을 하던 남성 사망
[2015-02-01]   조회수 : 1401
Hong Kong (CNN) A 32-year-old man was found dead in an Internet cafe(PC방) in Taiwan after a marathon three-day gaming binge(3일간의 마라톤처럼 계속 게임을 하는 것), the island's second death of an onlin……
 Obama: Sony 'made a mistake'
오바마: 소니의 실수 지적해
[2015-01-01]   조회수 : 1654
Washington (CNN) -- President Barack Obama on Friday said that Sony Pictures made a mistake (실수를 하다) in canceling the release of a movie after a cyberattack from North Korean-backed hackers ……
 Attention, men: stop with the catcalls
남성들 주목! 성적인 말은 그만 두세요.
[2014-12-01]   조회수 : 1397
(CNN) -- If you are a woman, you've likely experienced the creepy(오싹하게 하는, 으스스한), disrespectful(무례한, 실례되는) and sometimes scary way some men treat you as you walk down the street(거리를 걸……
 Renee Zellweger: 'I'm glad folks think I look different'
르네 젤위거, '제 외모가 달라졌다고 생각해 줘서 고마워요.'
[2014-11-01]   조회수 : 1656
(CNN) -- Renee Zellweger thinks all of the conversation about her face is "silly(바보스러운, 우스꽝스러운)." The actress told People magazine in a statement that "I'm glad folks think I look different! I……
 Drinking sewage: solving Singapore's water problem
싱가포르의 물 부족 문제 해결책, 하수를 마신다
[2014-10-01]   조회수 : 1419
(CNN) -- Could sewage (하수) be recycled to provide water that's cleaner than what comes out of your tap? The place to find out is the small yet highly urbanized city-state(첨단 도시화된 도시 국가) ……
 Ebola virus: Nine things to know about the killer disease
에볼라 바이러스: 치명적인 병원균에 대해 알아야 할 9가지 사실
[2014-09-01]   조회수 : 1538
(CNN) -- Hundreds of people are dead as the worst Ebola virus outbreak(최악의 에볼라 바이러스 발병) in history sweeps through West Africa(서부 아프리카를 휩쓸다). It began as a handful of cases in Guinea in ……
 Talk of peace doesn't slow flow of blood, rockets in Gaza and Israel
평화협상에도 불구하고 가자와 아스라엘에서의 유혈 사태와 로켓 발사 못 막아
[2014-08-01]   조회수 : 1258
Gaza City (CNN) -- While politicians and statesmen talked peace (평화 협상을 하다) Tuesday in Cairo, Jerusalem and New York, Israeli soldiers battled Hamas fighters on the streets of Gaza. Overhead, m……
 World Cup: Uruguay striker Luis Suarez banned for four months
월드컵: 우르과이 공격수 루이스 수아레스, 4개월 출전 정지
[2014-07-01]   조회수 : 1377
(CNN) -- Luis Suarez will have plenty of time to ponder(곰곰이 생각하다) his tendency to bite opposition players after the Uruguayan striker was banned for nine international matches and suspended ……
 Turkey mine search ends with 301 confirmed victims of fire
터키 탄광 구조작업, 사망자 301명 수습으로 마무리
[2014-06-02]   조회수 : 1212
Soma, Turkey (CNN) -- The search for victims of this week's coal mine fire (석탄광산의 화제) in Turkey is now over, with a final death toll(전체 사망자 수) of 301, Turkish government officials said S……
 Abandon ship? In recent maritime disasters, captains don't hang around
선장이 배를 버리는 행위, 최근의 해상 재난에서 선장이 배를 버렸다
[2014-05-01]   조회수 : 1632
(CNN) -- When the HMS Birkenhead, a British ship carrying troops, began to sink off the coast of South Africa in 1852, the captain and military officers on board famously allowed women and children……
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