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 2 weeks in, no sign of Malaysian airliner -- intense search off Australia turns up zero
2주가 지나도 찾아지지 않는 말레이시아 항공기, 호주 주변의 강도 높은 수색에도 발견된 것은 전혀 없어
[2014-04-02]   조회수 : 1417
(CNN) -- Two weeks. Two gut-wrenching(고통스러운), frustrating, mysterious weeks. That's how long it's been since 227 passengers and 12 crew members boarded Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, destined f……
 20 questions: What's behind Ukraine's political crisis?
우크라이나의 정치적 위기에 관한 20가지 질문
[2014-03-03]   조회수 : 1357
(CNN) -- For three months, they've staked their claim to (~에게 분명하게 의사를 표명하다) Kiev's Maidan, or Independence Square, and to Ukraine itself. We will leave only when you pull closer to the Euro……
 Justin Bieber arrested on drunken driving, resisting arrest charges
저스틴 비버, 음주운전, 체포 저항 혐의로 체포
[2014-02-03]   조회수 : 1773
(CNN) -- Justin Bieber was charged with(~혐의로 기소되다) drunken driving, resisting arrest(체포 저항) and driving without a valid license(무면허 운전) after police saw the pop star street racing……
 EU citizenship for sale -- for $880,000
88만 달러에 판매되는 유럽연합 시민권
[2014-01-06]   조회수 : 1651
(CNN) -- The government of the small Mediterranean island of Malta recently announced proposals to start selling citizenship of its nation to foreigners (외국인들에게 자국의 시민권을 판매하기 시작하다) for €650,000……
 Uncertainty after North Korea announces execution of leader's uncle
지도자의 고모부 처형 발표 후 안개 속에 빠진 북한
[2013-12-23]   조회수 : 1232
(CNN) -- As the shock sinks in of North Korea's extraordinary announcement (특별한 발표) of the execution(처형) of leader Kim Jong Un's uncle and former protector, government officials and anal……
 Why China's new air zone incensed Japan, U.S.
중국의 새로운 방공식별구역이 일본과 미국을 분노케 하는 이유
[2013-12-09]   조회수 : 1257
(CNN) -- Tensions magnified(긴장이 고조되다) among the world's top three economies over China's controversial new air defense zone(논란이 되는 중국의 방공식별구역). The issues range from disagreements on ai……
 Put down that doughnut: FDA takes on trans fats
그 도넛을 내려 놓으세요: FDA, 트랜스 지방 사용 금지 추진
[2013-11-25]   조회수 : 1370
(CNN) -- So long, margarine(마가린이여 안녕): Artificial trans fat(인공 트랜스 지방) in foods may eventually become a thing of the past(과거의 것). The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday too……
 On Facebook, a growing teenage wasteland
10대 불모지로 변하는 페이스북
[2013-11-11]   조회수 : 1410
(CNN) -- Nicole Uvieghara is only 18, but that's old enough to remember the good old days(좋았던 시절) on Facebook. "I used to log in to Facebook every day," said Uvieghara, a Murrieta, California,……
 Should parents be criminally liable for kids' cyberbullying?
아이들의 사이버 왕따 행위, 그 부모들까지 법적 책임을 져야 하는가?
[2013-10-28]   조회수 : 1443
(CNN) -- Two girls in Florida, 14 and 12, have been arrested(체포되다) and charged with aggravated stalking(지나친 스토킹 혐의를 받는) -- cyberbullying(사이버 왕따). They allegedly tormented(고통을 ……
 Government shutdown: Get up to speed in 20 questions
미정부 셧다운: 20개 질문으로 속성 파악하기
[2013-10-14]   조회수 : 1322
(CNN) -- So what happens now that a shutdown is in place(셧다운이 일어나다)? Republicans and Democrats couldn't agree on a spending plan for the fiscal year(회계연도) that started Tuesday as they <……
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