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 Should parents be criminally liable for kids' cyberbullying?
아이들의 사이버 왕따 행위, 그 부모들까지 법적 책임을 져야 하는가?
[2013-10-28]   조회수 : 1476
(CNN) -- Two girls in Florida, 14 and 12, have been arrested(체포되다) and charged with aggravated stalking(지나친 스토킹 혐의를 받는) -- cyberbullying(사이버 왕따). They allegedly tormented(고통을 ……
 Government shutdown: Get up to speed in 20 questions
미정부 셧다운: 20개 질문으로 속성 파악하기
[2013-10-14]   조회수 : 1353
(CNN) -- So what happens now that a shutdown is in place(셧다운이 일어나다)? Republicans and Democrats couldn't agree on a spending plan for the fiscal year(회계연도) that started Tuesday as they <……
 Why it's so easy to hack your home
당신의 가정을 해킹하는 것이 쉬운 이유
[2013-09-30]   조회수 : 1263
(CNN) -- Last weekend a Texas couple apparently discovered that the electronic "baby monitor(베이비 모니터)" in their children's bedroom had been hacked(해킹을 당하다). According to a local TV stati……
 Tokyo to host 2020 Olympic Games
도쿄, 2020년 하계 올림픽 개최지로 선정
[2013-09-16]   조회수 : 1198
(CNN) -- Tokyo has been chosen by the International Olympic Committee(국제올림픽위원회, IOC) to host the 2020 Summer Games. In voting Saturday in Buenos Aires, the committee picked Tokyo over the two ……
 China's Bo Xilai rebuts testimony of ex-police chief key to his downfall
중국 보 시라이, 자신의 몰락의 가장 큰 원인은 전직 경찰국장이라며 그의 증언 반박
[2013-09-02]   조회수 : 1179
Jinan, China (CNN) -- Calling his former deputy a "liar with extremely bad character(성격이 극악한 거짓말쟁이)," fallen high-flying politician(추락한 유력 정치인) Bo Xilai on Sunday rebutted the testimo……
 Family wants answers in Florida teen's death after Tasering
테이저건을 맞은 후 사망한 플로리다州 청소년의 유가족, 진실 밝혀줄 것을 호소
[2013-08-19]   조회수 : 1045
(CNN) -- The family of a Florida teen who died after being Tasered by police(경찰의 테이저건에 맞다) wants answers from authorities in Miami Beach. Miami Beach police said officers spotted aspiring a……
 Weiner resists calls to withdraw as woman who received messages is identified
엔서니 와이너, 외설 채팅 상대의 신분이 공개된 후에도 시장 후보 사퇴 거부
[2013-08-05]   조회수 : 1236
(CNN) - Calls for Anthony Weiner to withdraw from the New York City mayoral contest(뉴욕시 시장 후보에서 사퇴하다) poured in Wednesday after his admission(인정) that he sent lusty messages more than a ……
 George Zimmerman found not guilty of murder in Trayvon Martin's death
조지 짐머맨, 트레이본 마틴 살해 혐의 무죄 판정
[2013-07-22]   조회수 : 1179
(CNN) -- George Zimmerman never denied shooting Trayvon Martin, saying he did so in self defense(정당방위로). Late Saturday night, a Florida jury found him not guilty(무죄의) in the teenager's d……
 Man behind NSA leaks says he did it to safeguard privacy, liberty
미국 국가안보국 기밀 누설자, 사생활보호와 자유를 위해 한 일이라고 밝혀
[2013-07-08]   조회수 : 1384
(CNN) -- He's a high school dropout(고등학교 중퇴생) who worked his way into the most secretive computers in U.S. intelligence as a defense contractor(방위 작업을 위한 계약직)-- only to blow those secret……
 Russian president: I did not steal Super Bowl ring
러시아 푸틴 대통령, 슈퍼볼 우승 반지를 훔치지 않았다고 반박
[2013-06-24]   조회수 : 1084
Moscow (CNN) -- Russia's president is fighting back(반박하다): No, he did not steal a Super Bowl ring. And no, he's not rocking the diamond-encrusted(다이아몬드로 장식된) prize on his finger, either.……
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