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 Three storm chasers killed in Oklahoma
3명의 폭풍 추격대원, 오클라오하에서 사망
[2013-06-10]   조회수 : 1152
(CNN) -- A group of men who devoted their lives to(~에 일생을 바치다) hunting powerful storms died in the middle of the chase. Tim Samaras, his son Paul Samaras and Carl Young were killed Friday whil……
 Cloning stem cells: What does it mean?
줄기세포 복제, 어떤 의미인가?
[2013-05-27]   조회수 : 1308
(CNN) -- A human embryo(인간 배아), containing about a couple hundred cells, is smaller than the period at the end of a sentence. Scientists need strong microscopes to see these precursors to life,……
 Federal agents ordered to check validity of foreign student visas
연방 정부, 외국인 유학생들에 대한 비자 유효상태 확인 요청
[2013-05-13]   조회수 : 1146
(CNN) -- The Department of Homeland Security(미국 국토안보부, 9.11 테러 이후 미국 내 안보 관련 조직들을 통합해 만든 정부 조직) has ordered U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents to verify, "effective immediately(즉시 유효성……
 North Korea says it won't warn South Korea before an attack
북한, 사전 경고 없이 남한 공격할 것
[2013-04-29]   조회수 : 1335
(CNN) -- North Korea is raising the temperature(온도를 높이다) on its neighbors, saying in its latest threat that it would not give any warning(어떤 경고도 주지 않을 것이다) before any attack on South Kor……
 Facebook Home, privacy and you
페이스북 홈, 사생활 침해 논란
[2013-04-15]   조회수 : 1502
(CNN) -- Facebook and online privacy: For several years now, it's been hard to talk about one without talking about the other(둘을 떼 놓고 이야기하기 어렵다). And Facebook's latest offering, called Home, i……
 No more miniskirts in Seoul? New law has South Korea buzzing
서울에서 미니 스커트를 입지 못한다? 새로운 법안으로 떠들썩한 대한민국
[2013-04-01]   조회수 : 1705
Seoul (CNN) -- Will K-Pop girl group Girls Generation have to ditch their microshorts(초미니 스커트를 버리다)? Will police patrol(순찰하다) clubs in Gangnam with rulers to measure miniskirts? Is South……
 Hugo Chavez, influential leader with mixed record, dies at 58
휴고 차베스, 다양한 평가가 내려지는 영향력 있는 지도자 58세로 사망
[2013-03-18]   조회수 : 1183
Caracas, Venezuela (CNN) -- Hugo Chavez, the polarizing(편향적인 성향의) president of Venezuela who cast himself as a "21st century socialist(21세기의 사회주의자)" and foe of the United States(미국의 적……
 Berlusconi: Italy's most colorful, controversial public figure
베를루스코니: 논란을 일으키는 팔색조같은 이탈리아의 정치인
[2013-03-04]   조회수 : 1459
(CNN) -- In further proof that seemingly nothing can bring Silvio Berlusconi down -- not even a potential jail sentence(수감형) -- Italy's most colorful public figure is back in contention to lead……
 South Korean rocket successfully puts satellite in orbit
대한민국의 로켓, 위성을 궤도에 진입시키는 데 성공
[2013-02-18]   조회수 : 1184
Seoul, South Korea (CNN) -- South Korea said Wednesday that it had put a satellite in orbit(위성을 궤도에 진입시키다) for the first time, giving a lift to its homegrown space industry and matching a fe……
 It's Beyonce-Gate! Not
비욘세 게이트인가?
[2013-02-04]   조회수 : 1303
(CNN) -- "The dignity(위엄) of the American presidency has been tarnished(퇴색되다)! Congress must investigate(조사하다). Let's make sure this type of tragedy(비극) never happens again……
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