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 Kenyan lawmakers vote themselves a hefty retirement bonus again
케냐 국회의원, 자신들에게 또 다시 거액 보너스 지급하기로 투표
[2013-01-21]   조회수 : 1113
(CNN) -- Kenyan legislators(국회의원) voted to give themselves send-off bonuses(이임 보너스, 의원직을 떠날 때 받는 보너스) of $110,000 each, despite the president's veto(거부권) of their earlier attem……
 India files murder charges against suspects in brutal gang rape
인도, 폭력적인 집단 성폭행 용의자들에게 살인 혐의 적용
[2013-01-07]   조회수 : 1436
New Delhi (CNN) -- Indian authorities added murder charges(살인 혐의) Saturday for suspects(용의자) in the brutal gang rape that led to the death of a 23-year-old woman and sent outraged pro……
 What really makes schools safer?
학교를 진정으로 안전하게 만드는 것은 무엇일까?
[2012-12-31]   조회수 : 1600
(CNN) -- Sandy Hook Elementary School probably did everything right. Its staff worked every day to create a climate of kindness over bullying(괴롭힘). They had lockdown drills(안전대피 훈련) that……
 North Korean rocket launch said to be driven by internal pressures
북한 로켓 발사, 내부적인 압박이 요인
[2012-12-24]   조회수 : 1349
Seoul, South Korea (CNN) -- North Korea's decision to launch(발사하다) a second long-range rocket(장거리 로켓) this year, in the face of international condemnation(국제적인 비판), could be partl……
 Hospital nurse found dead after taking prank call on Catherine
간호사, 왕세손비 캐서린에 대한 장난전화를 받은 후 숨진 채 발견
[2012-12-17]   조회수 : 1498
London (CNN) -- A nurse at the hospital who was duped(속다) by a prank call(장난 전화) from two Australian radio DJs concerning Prince William's pregnant wife, Catherine, has apparently com……
 North Korea moves closer to rocket launch, group says
로켓 발사에 한 발 더 다가선 북한
[2012-12-10]   조회수 : 1148
Hong Kong (CNN) -- North Korea is another step closer to the unusual and provocative(범상치 않고 도발적인) move of launching a long-range rocket(장거리 로켓) in wintertime, according to an analysis of……
 Will Twitter war become the new norm?
트위터 전쟁, 새로운 표준이 되는가?
[2012-12-03]   조회수 : 1103
(CNN) -- War is not just about bombs and rockets. It's about words(말에 관한 것이다). That's been true for centuries, of course. But the public got a rude awakening this week about just how much thos……
 After months of mystery, China unveils new top leaders
몇 개월 간 베일에 쌓여 있던 중국의 최고 지도자들, 모습을 드러내
[2012-11-26]   조회수 : 1114
Beijing (CNN) -- China on Thursday unveiled(드러내다) the elite group of leaders who will set the agenda for the country for the next decade, the culmination(정점) of months of secretive barga……
 Obama makes history, again
오바마, 또 다시 역사를 만들다
[2012-11-19]   조회수 : 1167
(CNN) -- A black man is returning to the White House. Four years ago, it was a first, the breaking of a racial barrier(인종의 장벽). Tuesday night, it was history redux(돌아온 역사). And more. In the ……
 Crippled NY subways spark infrastructure, climate questions
마비된 뉴욕 지하철, 구조적이고 기후적인 의문점 불러일으켜
[2012-11-12]   조회수 : 1262
New York (CNN) -- New Yorkers are not especially known for their patience(인내심). Stand on a subway escalator's left side -- otherwise known as the passing lane -- and it might evoke a sharp r……
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